Thursday, March 28, 2019

Keep Safe

On March 9th Angelo was home for a pre-deployment leave
Angelo DePollo, Our United States Marine

Angelo has worked hard, trained well and advanced in the United States Marines. Today he's going into the next phase of military service and will be putting all the training into effect. We pray to the Lord that he will safely return home after his tour of duty.
Please join us and say a few prayers for Angelo's safety while on his tour of duty.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Back to West Virginia in 2018

The Old Man went to West Virginia on two occasions in 2018. At the end of July we went to a family reunion in Thomas, West Virginia. We returned a second time in September for the 'destination' wedding of my niece. On both occasions we visited numerous site where I could enjoy taking photos and creating videos with my drone. Look at the 'Videos' Page of this Blog to see many of the videos that I created, some are only available there as they are not listed on YouTube.

Inlet on the north shore of Lake Superior

First light from the hunting blind 2017

Lighthouse rock on north shore of Lake Superior

North shore of Lake Superior at dusk